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The BLI Group

BLI is the parent company with subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Macau, Zhuhai, and Vietnam to form the BLI Group (“the Group”) since 2017.

  1. Hong Kong is planned to position as the Innovation and Technology (I&T) Centre focusing on I&T development and provide related services.

  2. Macau is designed to be the Service Delivery Centre to the Group by leveraging existing best practices, experience, knowledge, and resources.

  3. Zhuhai is organized as the GBA Service Centre to provide the support of Information & Communication Technology and Business Services to customers.

  4. Vietnam is arranged to be the ASEAN Service Centre to initiate the new services, on-going maintenance and support services to customers located at ASEAN, especially the countries of the BRI.

BLI Org Chart.jpg

With each subsidiary specializing, BLI is developing & providing services and solutions to the market according to their respective comparative advantages.

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